Category: Settlement

Workers’ Compensation

We were contacted by the widow of a deceased police officer. We were able to bring a claim under the Heart & Hypertension Act, Connecticut’s Heart and Hypertension Act is a separate compensation program for police officers and firefighters with hypertension or heart disease. The purpose of this Act is to permit a police officer […]

Uninsured Motorist

Our clients, a husband and wife, were rear-ended by another vehicle on a state highway. Unfortunately, the driver that struck them only had the bare minimum insurance coverage. After obtaining the full policy for each of our clients from the at-fault driver, we pursued our client’s insurance policy to make up the difference. We were […]

Motorcycle Accident

Our client was struck by a motor vehicle while lawfully riding his motorcycle. He sustained injuries that forced him to be hospitalized. We were able to demonstrate the negligence of the defendant and the settle the case prior to trial for the full insurance policy.

Insurance Bad Faith

A young woman who was a passenger in her friend’s car when another driver recklessly and negligently ran into it. Our client sustained multiple injuries and six months after the accident, with the insurance company still dragging its feet, we pursued a bad faith claim and the company tendered the limited policy the following week […]

Pedestrian v. Automobile

A husband and wife were struck by a vehicle as they walked down a sidewalk together. Through our efforts, the case was settled prior to litigation without the need to go to trial.

Burn Injury

A woman who sustained a burn injury to her leg when a bowl of hot soup fell on her at a local restaurant. Our Attorneys worked with an investigative engineer to establish that certain structures in the restaurant were not compliant with code regulations. As a result, we were able to settle her case without […]

Automobile Accident

Two of our clients, a brother and sister, were involved in a crash as innocent passengers while using a popular App-based taxi service. The investigation revealed that the driver of the taxi vehicle, working as an “independent contractor”, had a lapse in liability coverage. Attorney Tropiano convinced the App-Based taxi company to extend its coverage […]