Motorcycle Accidents

Crashes with motorcycles are not rare events, particularly among some beginning riders. Since 1966 when the enactment of the Highway Safety and National Traffic and Motor Vehicle and Safety Act took place, an estimated 128,000 motorcyclists have died in such incidents. Motorcycle riders are 32 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die and 6 times more likely to be injured in a crash than other types of vehicles.

When it comes to injuries for motorcyclists, statistics show that one out of every five motorcycle crashes results in head or neck injuries for riders. Additionally, single-vehicle motorcycle accidents account for nearly 45 percent of all motorcycle fatalities. In 2004, for example, 4008 motorcyclists were killed, and an additional 76,000 were injured in traffic crashes in the United States, an 8% rise from the previous year. In 2003, the reported fatality rate was nearly five times higher than it was for passenger car occupants.

  • Motorcycle accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, including:
  • Auto car driver negligence
  • Drunk driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Poor road conditions
  • Traffic congestion
  • Disregard of driving laws right of way
  • Motorcycle signaling error * Motorcycle defects

Motorcycles are also more likely than passenger vehicles to be involved in a fatal collision with a fixed object. In 2004, 18 percent of passenger cars that collided with fixed objects resulted in a fatality, while 26 percent of motorcycles that collided with such objects resulted in a fatality. Also in 2004, there were nearly 2000 two-vehicle crashes involving a motorcycle and another vehicle that resulted in a fatality reported. In 39 percent of these crashes, a motorcycle was passing the other vehicle, going straight, or approaching it, while the other vehicle was turning left. Inattentive automobile drivers present a great danger to the motorcyclist, to say the least. The fact is that 80 percent of these accidents are clearly shown to be the fault of the automobile driver and not that of the motorcyclist.

Motorcyclists face a far higher risk of involvement in an injury-causing crash, highlighting the need for a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer should the need arise. Motorcycle injuries are expensive because they tend to be more serious and have much longer rehabilitation period. An experienced attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

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