Train & Railroad Accidents

If you are a loved one has been injured or killed in a train accident, you need to speak to a Connecticut train accident attorney who can help. Our office specializes in serious injuries such as train accidents and we have recovered millions for our past clients. We never charge any upfront fees to handle your case and you pay nothing unless your case is won. Call us today to get a free train accident case evaluation.

Train Accident and Derailment Information

In the United States, there are over 600 railroads and hundreds of thousands of miles of railroad tracks crossing this country. Much of this is used for freight transport, which includes rail for cargo, merchandise, and chemicals. It is those trains carrying the toxic chemicals that are of a particular threat when they are involved in accidents. Passenger trains, on the other hand, use only a fraction of the railroads. These railroads, too, are involved in collisions and derailments. The problem here is, these trains are carrying hundreds of passengers on them. Negligence on the part of engineers, inadequate rail maintenance, and unsafe operators are but a few of the reasons cited for what causes train accidents. Automobiles crossing the tracks and causing collisions is an all too common problem.  Train travel has increased dramatically in Connecticut in the past decade. Commuters rely on trains such as MetroNorth to get them to and from work every day. With more use comes an increased risk of accidents.

Train accidents often result because of the railroad’s negligence (such as poor maintenance of trains or track) or the negligence of the operator. In many cases, such accidents could have been avoided if the engineer had acted in a proper fashion. When these accidents do occur, they may result in lost lives and a terrible injury to those involved.

Railroad accidents may also result in hazardous chemical and material spills. These types of accidents basically consist of:

  • Train derailments
  • Collisions with passenger vehicles or trucks
  • Collision with other trains

The laws that govern liability on train accidents can be extremely complex. When it comes to injuries sustained in a railroad accident, proving the physical, emotional, or psychological extent of an injury can be difficult. Not all railroad companies are willing to assume responsibility, it may be necessary, then, for accident victims to contact legal representation to ensure fast recovery of damages resulting from the accident.

A credible and trustworthy Connecticut personal injury attorney who understands the laws pertaining to railroad accidents could make all the difference. Call the legal experts at Balzano and Tropiano today. We have the resources and expertise to help you through the complex process related to helping you receive just compensation for damages resulting from such an accident.